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Client since 2013
Working with Enda means I can focus on the now, without having to worry about the future

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My name is Kevin Murphy; I’ve been a client of IQ Financial since 2013, and Enda is my key point of contact.

When I first started speaking to Enda back in 2013, it was actually in response to some challenges I had. I’d just taken on a new executive position, and I had some legacy financial issues that I needed to address. Fortunately, I had the ability to do so, but I needed advice as to how best to structure and deal with them.

Initially, when I contacted IQ Financial, I had a coffee and a conversation with Enda. I wanted to see if we were compatible in terms of dealing with my financial affairs. I found that the personal dynamics were good, but he was also extremely knowledgeable about the issues that I was going to be dealing with. So, through that first conversation, you could call it an interview, I satisfied myself that he had the requisite skills and experience and context for what I wanted to deal with.

The most recent thing Enda has helped me with was the sale of my stake in a business in Germany in 2021. It was a complicated arrangement, and in conjunction with my accountant, Enda was extremely helpful and professional in helping me deal with the financial arrangements concerning the sale of the business and my exit from the business.

What I really value more than anything is the fact that we’ve built a comprehensive financial plan for me, my future, and my family. We review that every year, and we checkpoint any decisions we make in terms of financial matters, whether it’s pensions, investments, mortgages, share sales, company assets, etc. It’s always done in the context of the financial plan.

I trust Enda implicitly. One of the things I really like about Enda is that he challenges my thinking. So, I’ve been in financial services all my career, and I think I sometimes know what I think is best, but then Enda always has a different perspective, and I really value that.

I don’t have to worry about decisions around pensions or investments. My chief focus is on running my companies and earning money. When I have a material financial decision to make, I talk to Enda, and we work it out between us. So, working with IQ Financial gives me confidence that I’m working with professionals. They know me; they know my objectives; they know what I want to achieve financially and in my wider life. Any financial decisions we make, we can make them together in confidence.

If I had to use three words to describe Enda, I would probably use professional, challenging (in a positive way) and supportive.

I think the best piece of advice Enda gave me was about three years ago, when I had an opportunity to invest substantial funds in a business I was involved in. I was very keen to invest the funds because I thought it was the right thing to do. Enda challenged my thinking on it very strongly. I remember him saying to me, “Kevin, there are always other investment options, not just the one that’s directly in front of you.” And, thankfully, I took his advice, and I didn’t invest and then subsequently his advice turned out to be correct.

I’d very happily recommend Enda and the team at IQ, and I have done so to a number of my friends and colleagues who needed financial advice, and I know that they’ve been very happy with their engagements with Enda. The reason I would recommend them is that I trust Enda and his advice implicitly.

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